"I want to steer people away from conventional view of medicine and learn to adopt Eastern holistic principles."

What can Tai Chi do for me?

Stress is becoming more paramount in this day and age and it's so easy to turn to alcohol, cigarettes, and recreational drugs for some form of outside stimulus. Every one of these unhealthy stimuli acts detrimentally to your mind and body. In addition, millions of people suffer from a multitude of illnesses and rely on prescription drugs, all of which have side effects.

THROUGH TAI CHI you can more naturally relieve pain and general body aches, improve balance and muscle tone, elevate your body's flexibility - and the list goes on and on.

Can Tai Chi help at work?

Yes! Here' why: it costs corporate and small businesses billions of pounds annually when team members have to take time off from work due to stress, injuries, illnesses, and mental health issues.

From fibromyalgia to fall prevention and beyond Tai Chi is shown to be a cost-saving addition for everyone.

Why is Tai Chi important?

I'm unequivocal that Tai Chi plays a huge part at companies, hospitals, schools, and individual households to IMPROVE the well-being of everyone who participates in this ancient art form.

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